Girl In Waiting

By Susan Williams

the girl waited beneath the golden tree
the golden tree shaped like a vase
a vase of golden leaves
a vase of shimmering golden leaves
a vase of trembling shimmering golden leaves
the girl waited there beneath the golden tree
beneath the end of the season tree
shedding leaves fall after fall year after year
upon the cars in the high school parking lot
shedding leaves now on the girl waiting
on the girl waiting and waiting shivering
shivering and quivering in the chill autumn wind kicking up
kicking up flurries and scurries of all things fallen
fallen and discarded
test papers and pop quiz papers tumbling and wind-chased
and fast food wrappers and soft drink cups rambling and roving
while she waited there among all her fallen memories
waited while memories mixed with all the golden leaves
waited while the chill autumn wind came swirling
came swirling and whirling with the leaves
came swirling and whirling and whispering and weaving
weaving in and out of the long fall of her golden hair
whispering in and out of the shimmer
the sheen and shimmer of the long golden shower of hair
of the teenage girl
of the broken teenage girl
of the tiny fragile broken teenage girl
waiting beneath the golden tree shaped like a vase
waiting for her boyfriend to come back

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