13+ Candid Poems About The Girl Child: Raising Queens

Isn’t it interesting how girls are depicted in poems? They can be strong and determined or fragile. They can be sassy and street-smart or naively trusting. In this collection of poems about the girl child, you’ll see all of these sides to girls – and more.

These honest portrayals come from a wide range of poets, giving us a powerful glimpse into the inner lives of young girls everywhere thoughout history. So sit back, relax, and enjoy these thought-provoking poems about the girl child.

What Are The Best Poems About The Girl Child?


In this collection of 13 poems, the girl child is portrayed as a fighter who will never give up. She may be small, but she has big dreams and ambitions for herself. To show our appreciation for their bravery in sharing their thoughts with us, please share this collection on social media so others can enjoy it too!

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