By Anna Cellmer

There is nothing more stressful to me in this world
Than eating the hamburger at the train station bar
So far
It’s so big with so many things inside
And this is just not possible
To open your mouth so wide
To eat this without panic in your heart
That you can’t get it right
And everything will go down
To the ground or on the table around
I did this maybe three times
In my life
I mean I bought it
And its always the same
I can’t eat this hamburger
Not because of it taste
Which is quite normal bread vegetable meat and souse
But because of this stress
I need to fight with a piece of bread
And I do but after that
I promise to my self
Never again
How the people do this
How they can eat
Such a difficult things
Maybe they have better tooth
I don’t know
Recently I was smarter then before
I got some fork but
It doesn’t help too much
It’s always very hard
So it was the last time
I bought the hamburger
I swear

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