Hope Never Slumbers Long

By Anna J. Granniss

Not even Hope can always soar and sing;
Sometimes she needs must rest a willing wing.
And wait in midst of her glad carolling.

Faint not, dear heart, though she rest over night –
Her wings are swifter than the wings of light;
They’re gaining strength for more enduring flight.

Fret not because her voice is sometimes still;
It may be catching some new lilt or thrill;
She’ll sing again, all of her own sweet will.

Perhaps when worn with pain, in darkened room.
Denied the light, the beauty, and the bloom,
You’ll see a little rift within the gloom;

Then hear a stir, as of unfolding wings;
And low, sweet notes, as one who tries the strings
In tender prelude just before he sings.

And wakened Hope, grown vigorous and strong.
Will then surprise the silence with a song –
Keep a brave heart, Hope never slumbers long.

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