Happy Doctors'

By Narayana Aghalaya

cliche.to say ‘apples.keep doctors away’
we are happy they are there all the way

from birth till.last breath, our hands they hold
they save our lives even if we are old

to them, patient’s status matters little
for the destitute, their care doesn’t whittle

they are bound by the Hippocratic oath
to say ‘patient first’, they don’t loath

post a stroke, there is just a golden hour
for doctors to save -but battle is dour

sometimes, patient dies under doctor’s care
to beat up the doctor, how.is it fair?

doctors are there to help us in.a mess
follow his advise and.don’t get stressed

doctor-patient bond is lifelong
to find fault with doctors is quite wrong

gruellng task to get a medical degree
we salute doctors, who work with.no greed

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