Harriet Allen Ely, Poem

By Lydia Huntley Sigourney

Died at Providence, Rhode Island, April 27th, 1862, aged 7 years and 2

Seven blest years our darling daughter,
We have held thee to our hearts,
Every season growing dearer;
We have held thee near and nearer,
Never dreaming thus to part.

Seven brief years–our only daughter–
Sweet has been the parent rule,
Infant watch by cradle nightly,
‘Till we saw thy footsteps lightly
Tripping joyously to school.

Germ of promise,–bud of beauty,
To our tenderest nurture given,
Not for our too dim beholding
Was thy fair and full unfolding;
That perfection is in Heaven.

Earth no license had to harm thee,
Time no power to touch thy bloom,
Holy is our faith to meet thee,
Glorious is our trust to greet thee
Far beyond the conquering tomb.