Heather Love

By Deborah Shepard

Portals of haunting plumes scattered through fairies eve

Each willow song , sparkling etched rest, the blades of heather strewn about

Neath each hallows moon, whispers in glades you hear

Crying of the trinity living tree, is the secret the angels bid to thee

Embossed with crystals, his soul remembers soft lace, warm hands

Heather her name, his eyes , ethereal sheen, again to life she shall be

Charmed in the cottages along the Celtic journey, one nigh of pleasure

Merry meet his arms open to her, they dance in midst of air

Intricate they meet again ageless, neath his gentle fairy smile

Hazy blue light, in towers shine and the spirits play

Each given ineffable, infinite energies of the universe

Lovers dance in love his masculine embrace through the ghostly trees

To hear one more time that sprite night I love you

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