How They Conjugate "To Have"

By Anonymous

I met a man of aspect wise
Engaged in catching butterflies.
“A gorgeous box-full friend,” quoth I.
“Now for what purpose sage and high
Didst catch this lovely company?”
“That I might have them,” answered he.

I saw a man with eager eyes
In bookstores hunting for a prize
Hid in the dim and dusty nooks,–
Some rare, forgotten, worthless books.
“What is their use, my friend, to thee?”
“That I may have them,” answered he.

I met a weary, haggard elf
Absorbed in reckoning up his pelf;
As, so much gain, and so much cost,
And so much, so much, so much lost.
“What joy from all your golden tide?”
“That I may have it,” he replied.

I met a man of busy hands,
With wealth of books and friends and lands,
Yet ever seeking some new task
Or helpful service. “Friend,” I ask,
“Why do you toil so ceaselessly?”
“That men may have me,” answers he.

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