I'm Hungry

By Samuel Lomax

My thirst and hunger,
Just stir me again,
Like electric shock,
The impact seems so massive,
Ever than previous ones;
A hunger that doesn’t cause Ulcer;
A thirst that disregards water;
My soul yearn for love,
As friends walk out of my world;
My soul cries for greatness;
Sometimes I feel like questioning God;
I’ve been thirsty and hungry from birth,
Yet no food nor drink have served me well;
I’ve been agonized this way for years,
Yet no pills nor herbs have cure my wounds;
I don’t know why God did design my path,
This rough, hard and long, like I’m a monster;
All I recall mom often say you’re a hungry monster
Little things can’t serve your thirst and hunger,
Strive instead for things of the sizes of you urge;
A direction I’ve, but still feels I lack;
A nature of life I’m now at war with ,including you;
Mom has always played her part,
Now it’s left with me to fight to find my size;
Tho my dreams are bigger than my appearance,
My hunger and thirst’ll cause me to earn them;
If I found my size and obtained my dreams,
I’ll will never stop being hungry and thirsty;
A code great successful people live by;
The most healthy and successful life style.

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