Immigrant Song

By Sun Yung Shin

All birds—even those that do not fly

—have wings

A constant confession

Admission of omission

This is your punctuated equilibrium

And everything in between

Slow it down

The moment of extinction

The death of the last individual of a species

(Let’s put it aside for now)

Stay with it

This is our gene flow

How do you like our genetic drift

A riff, a rift, a raft…

Too rough for the second half

Take us under, take us downhill

Paint pangenesis all over your dancing body

The new party god

Keep the beat going, don’t stop, you can’t stop

Crick & Watson


This is your mother’s local phenomenon

If this is racial hygiene

Why do I feel so dirty?

Microcosmic soul

It’s an involutionary wonderland

This living matter

A modern synthesis

4.6 billion years of biology

Can’t stop the ideology

Graduate from meet/mate

To fitness landscape of sexual selection

From land over sea

It’s a hard lyric

The impression of a key in a bar of soap

A transitional fossil

Keep camping

Plant the flag

Bury the burial mound

Put the pop in popular

And the sigh in science

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