In A Rambling Forest

By Brian Strand

Written June 13, 2023
For the contest, A Brian Strand Premiere No 1222
sponsor, Brian Strand


a tree
growing wild
in a rambling forest.
Each day I reach my arms
for the sky and feel the sun,
the rain and the snow fall on me.
On my branches birds have made nests,
and sweet little birds chirp for a meal, please!
Butterflies come to rest in the shade of my leaves,
and I hear a rippling stream flowing in the distance.
In the winter I go to sleep and dream of bees buzzing.
of the rainbow flowers that will grow all around me in Spring.
I wait
in the
I am a tree, strong and weak, I have lived a hundred years in this forest,
and have many stories to tell, if you listen. Press your ear on my trunk,
you can hear my heart beating. I have a soul, if you cut me down I bleed.
I pray that I will live a hundred more years- in this wild forest, unknown.

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