It Started With A TV

By  Nihar Malani

Back then on my back packing trip,
Engulfed in tiredness and solitude,
I stopped by a motel to sleep in the interlude.
Ohh! So weary was I,

felt asleep in what they called “the waiting room”
Just woke up from the nap to be left perplexed
Seeing place filled with people all around room

Filled with 100 voices,
still the place had soothing vibe
It felt like sitting in a library and
seeing books talking through their side;

The plenty of quaint opinions to inspect,
And so much knowledge to unfold
on everything that concerns our mutual mind,
And hearing the literature of old.

So satisfying seemed the surrounding,
Those cherish faces left me wondering
how this little habit took its birth,
And this became a culture of every Saturday evening!?

There was a television they say,
just one in the town All gathered to watch it,
stay updated and followed the trend.
But after years to that, the TV saw its end.

Though that habit tended to persist
and didn’t leave so easily,
Thus the gathering turned into the place
where people shared stories and relieved their tensity.

I Envy,
how this beautiful habit took its shape,
Though it started with a TV!!

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