It Wasn't Your Fault

By Oko Orion

It wasn’t  you’re  fault.
That  the earth’s fault cracked and crumbled over.
It is said that  the  water makes love to the lotus flower thus it blooms and its beauty never wanes or fades,
Even if seasons  change  and time takes it’s  toll.
The morning  star dissipates  the dark luminance  of dusk.
To signal and affirm a new dawn to spawn new dreams, wishes,  and ambient ambitions.
In her silent murmurs she screams  hope to faith.
Time may tell his tawny torn tainted tale but she tells her own story end.
It wasn’t  you’re fault.
That  the earth’s  fault cracked and crumbled over!
Never writ in the  stars over the horizon.
But hope breathed faith.
Strength is in hope as hope is innate flinching  but unfaltering faith.
The fable in a legend is a name.
For it wasn’t you’re  fault.
That vile villians vowed to the dark.

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