Kidney- Stones

By Boudhayan Mukherjee

Spaces filled by kidneys
or kidneys filled by spaces.
Kidneys operated, unoperated,
kidney stones broken
by laser beams
or undissolved by homeopathic white-crystals
are all the same.
The stones are metamorphic
or the stones metamorphose
to undefinable objects.
The stones inflict pain
or they remain obscure, mute.
Convert the patient to Christianity
or Islam
the pain remains the same;
neo-Hinduism for bearing pain painlessly
holds no water, no future.
Throats and chin coalesce
in doctors striving for a solution.
The pain persists as the sun
shines everyday, the moon
moonshines romantically
and one Saturday, the victim shivers
and lays eggs
the size of stones.
On Sunday morning
the ultrasonography plate
reveals no stones
in kidneys.

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