Lady Plumber

By Ray Lucero

There was a young lady from Albuquerque
Whose cute little house had a plugged drain
Put her overalls on n’ crawled ‘neath the sink
As, she was not one to get mad or complain

She reached for a gallon of “Drano”
Determined to avoid using a wrench
If successful it would be a ‘No brainer’
She poured but the clog was entrenched

She reached for a wrench n’ unscrewed
Drainpipe fittings ‘neath stubborn sink
With plumber’s snake the pipe did intrude
Unclogged the pipe before you can blink

With a satisfied look and a big smile
She assembled the pipe fittings anew
She’d broken a nail, mussed her hairstyle
But in a minute or two she looked good as new

She’d proven plumbing is not just for guys
And dispelled “Weaker sex” n’ all it implies

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