Lasting love

By Deborah Shepard

I have loved you from timeless orbs
Soft lasting each memory chime, spoken in utterances
Lost in your tender arms
I speak to you as I slumber on, my darling I do
Soft garnet flowers bloom in thine soul
Where shall I be my love without you ?, each caressed shell
Fairy orchids lay in our hearts forever
I slumber peacefully , with your embrace, your loving face
Dawns inspirations show me trust, each angels space
My whispers shall be the effulgence of our love
In this world of joys I find thee, tis above
Reasons for my everlasting bond
Slumbering pixies are found, entwined starts
Willow soft light, magical kiss
Espied miracles with you are found each waking day
Your words etch my heart, each matching jasmine spark
Aspirations , my dreams fill each loving part

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