Leap Of Faith

By Madelynn Rae

As young adults,
we are expected to take ridiculous leaps of faith
hoping to land on our feet.

As if we have the world at our fingertips post-adolescence.
As if that world isn’t crumbling between the crevices of our palms,
spilling between our thumbs and pointers.
As if we are respected adults all of a sudden.

“If you simply try, you can achieve anything you set your mind to,”
except for systemic and structural change
because that dream is too “far-fetched.”

What is a leap of faith if it is not rooted in imagination and hope?

“It is up to you and your generation to fix the problems of the past and the present.”

What have you been doing? Why is it our responsibility?

I want to squeeze the life from the system like you have squeezed the life from
so many of us.

We are tired.

Are you listening?

Take a leap of faith with us so that we have ground to land on.

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