Life In Reverse

By Jay Curtis

Dreams bring on the freedom to dance.

Waking brings increasing limitations.

Progressing de-nerving has me devolving,

in reverse gear undoing growing pains.

Sometimes I laugh at my ineptitude

unable to accomplish the simple things

zipping, buttoning, gripping, holding.

There is hope in finding new habits

and joy in remembering the old ones.

My grandfather taught me to sign my name.

My mother taught me to tie my shoes.

My father taught me to throw a knuckle ball.

Skills gone like a seeded lawn under spring snow.

I imagine traveling back to innocence,

ignoring the strangling bracelets of thorns.

Even now, I find new roses blooming,

brightening my once traveled return path.

As precious as muscle memory may be

other learning is not ruled by nerve fibers.

I will spark the remaining fuel of the fire within

using any communication method possible

to file reports from the battlefield front.

No matter how much my shell deteriorates

both wide-eyed innocence and experience

will surround me like night bloom.

Look for me in your rearview mirror

as I live the rest of my life in reverse.

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