Lorry Load o Christmas Trees

By Rab Wilson

Snell November, fludes an wuin an rain,
The glumshy Nith laps up agin the waa’s,
Glaumin oot tae threitin aa the Saunds.
Fowk daunce wild reels, fechtin wi umbrellas.
Whyles ower the Buccleuch brig cams rummlin,
A lorry haipit up wi Christmas trees!
An this afore ae festive lichts bin lit;
Cherubs an angels, limpets stuck tae lampposts.
These trees, aa sealt an individually wrapt,
Happed in glistenin silver clingfilm jaikets.
But naebody e’en gies a sideweys luik;
Cuid they no see thae smiles yet tae come?
The tiny haunds raxin oot wi tinsel,
Geegaws an baubles dreepin frae ilk braunch,
The wunner o some tattertmallion fairy,
An boaxes! boaxes o aa shapes an sizes!
Magic’s ayeweys waitin tae be foun,
Gin ye hae the een tae luik an see –
The lorry disappeart intae the gloamin,
An frae ahint the cloods, a lane star keekt.

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