Loving Words

By Anonymous

Loving words will cost but little,
Journeying up the hill of life;
But they make the weak and weary
Stronger, braver for the strife.
Do you count them only trifles?
What to earth are sun and rain?
Never was a kind word wasted,
Never was one said in vain.
When the cares of life are many,
And its burdens heavy grow,
For the ones who walk beside you;
If you love them, tell them so.
What you count of little value
Has an almost magic power,
And beneath their cheering sunshine
Hearts will blossom like a flower.
So, as up life’s hill we journey,
Let us scatter, all the way,
Kindly words, to be as sunshine
In the dark and cloudy day.
Grudge no loving word or action,
As along through life you go;
To the ones who Journey with you,
If you love them, tell them so.

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