By S.Davies, Cardiff

I knew it could happen, but then I forgot
Until someone pointed it out
My arm was quite swollen, my fingers as well
Lymphoedema there could be no doubt

Just a year and a half down the line it had been
So I should have been much more prepared
The clinic provided both mitten and sleeve
And my worries were openly aired

The lymphatic system now needs to be drained
And some things I had to be shown
Exercise, Massage and special skin care
But now I do daily alone

In spite of reluctant acceptance of this
As these garments have to compress
In helping the lymph’s circulatory flow
Now, part of my life, I confess

With a few broken nails and quite a bruised chin
Through stretching the sleeve up my arm
Now fully aware of new hazards ahead
Could actually do me more harm

Not wearing my rings did upset me the most
But I have an alternative hand
So when in glad rags, my mittens removed
Revealing my gold wedding band

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