Magnificent Coincidence

By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Tremendous and miraculous.
Is the clearing of a view.
From where many these days,
Discover themselves sitting.
With no one else left to blame.
Or accuse to victimize.
By the making of false claims.

This admission to oneself,
Haunts to taunt one’s brain.
Like a sustain nightmare,
Of wicked business to conduct.
Until that day comes along,
When deception to confess it…
Becomes regretted to know was wrong.

Deluding to fiction truth and its reality?
Comes back to sting worse than a bee.
And loses its appeal.
Turning beautiful butterflies…
To hunt down and swarm around,
The very ones who made them enemies.

And in these awakening days and times,
Many are finding…
A loss of appetite,
For another lie to them heard to tell.
Sold to sell.
Leaving behind,
Those they realize had been the culprits.
In an irreversible effect.
Created and caused,
By their mental defects.

What a magnificent coincidence.
To observe to see witnessed yet disbelieve,
How the ones to had once been victimized…
Are sought to seek for cures and remedies.
And they were always the ones,
Forgiving to forgive but not forget.
Being tormented.
By ongoing public viciousness.
Not known to reveal,
Animosity to feel it felt.
Towards those exposing themselves to be…
Faithfully out of their minds.
For a very long time.
Will still listen,
To the ones expressing…
Their remorse to regret.
Expecting acceptance for themselves to get!

‘How difficult it must and has to be.
To hear from us our apologies!’

‘Uh…hold on.
You expect from us to discuss WHAT?
Our future together?
Are we not the ones,
You convinced so many…
We were ignorant, stupid.
Lazy and scum.
And much too dumb to be thought as equals?
With an attempt to replace, Your wholesome values WE disgraced?’

‘There you go,
Using race and bringing up the past.
We admit,
There had been some mistakes made.
Isn’t it time to get over it?
Isn’t it time,
To forget and forgive…
What our ancestors had done?
So bright is the future for ‘us’ to fulfill.’

‘Then after that bright future comes?
What will you then do?
Blame to claim,
Your image to value…
It was ‘we’ and not ‘you’,
Who introduced the shame produced.
By a labeling us with disgusting names.’

‘You people.
You people are always bringing up the past!’

Never leaves its magnificent presence.
What a coincidence.’

‘What does that mean?
I don’t understand.’

Is seldom a one time thing!’

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