Month End

By Kenneth Maswabi

Another month end on planet earth
The rich are getting richer
And the poor are forever broke
No referees to stop this humiliating match
No judges to rule against this injustice
Humanity is on a path of destruction
Workers all over the world
Feel cheated by this miscarriage of justice
No voice to speak for them
The Unions have been swallowed
By the big mouthed monster called capitalism
Governments are no longer ‘by the people and for the people’
In their monthly family report
Household debt is ever expanding
Salaries are shrinking
No more ice cream for the little ones
The family home is under attack
Capitalism is eating away the value of their labour
Robots are taking over jobs
Retrenchment is on the rise
Unemployment is higher than ever
Education is no longer the key to success
Corruption is rising its ugly head
Signs & symptoms of a rotten system
Morals and ethical norms have been flushed down the drain
Breadwinners are finding new ways
Of joining the over luxurious capitalist’s club