The Baggage

By Kenneth Maswabi

the baggage that we carry
manufactured by our past experiences
and maybe our long assembled ideas
robs us of our inheritance
our place on the table of life
our armour in times of trouble
our crown on the stage of kings (& queens)

the baggage that we carry
is a heavy load in our hearts
a bag full of jealous
occupying the seat of Love
contaminating the pool of life
with its black smoke of hatred
breaking the dam of Hope
with its sharp claws
Crushing our Faith
with its twisted beliefs

the baggage that we carry
brings venom to our life
severing relationships
wiping our smiles
and painting our hearts black
with its necrotizing nature
muting our heart beats
with its suffocating hands

the baggage that we carry
is a cage of stones
hiding us from the light
chaining our souls
to the blackness of its fabric
conspiring with darkness
to eliminate the twinkle in our eyes

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