Moonlight Wars

By Joseph Kushnir

silver moonlight pours
elongated shadows stretch
forest lands hold life

crickets sing aloud
crisp autumn winds bellow deep
cool light luminates

crested owls pucker hoots
eyes spot midnight hunters
heavy breath sighs deep

swaying trees expose
running bodies pursue prey
salted sweat stings eyes

young couple finds wall
rocky impasse blocks movement
piercing howls given

decayed ripe flesh shuffles
shambling masses corner
ghastly ghouls reach out

zombies stagger on
shaggy smell detected
wolfen arms attack rot

wolfen were beasts
war against walking undead
dinner onslaught begins

glowing eyes leer out
sullen heads swiftly severed
ghasts riposte swipes

wolfen cunning sparks
were wolves regroup pack
green ghouls torn apart

maroon blood pools
moonlight consoles changelings
human tracks spotted

young couple crosses bridge
were wolves halt search
golden light shines above

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