A Poem About Everything

By Siphiwe Hlongwane |

When anxiety takes over my body
Turning it into its own little colony
Engulfed by senseless fear
Of harmless demons
When depression puts my sanity under
A lockdown of darkness
Cutting the pathways of my will
To breathe
And I feel my whole being getting lost
In a thick fog of confusion
When my prayers lose their voice
From screaming salvation
To a god who disowns the “weak”
And my tears cannot cry anymore
I turn to you poetry
To cover my bones
With the tender flesh of your words
To cut the rope of my end
Away from my neck
I turn to you to paint pictures of life
On the abandoned walls of my spirit
When my heart is tired of beating
In bit and pieces of half a life
I write for it
A poem about everything.