Mother Trol Remember A Beautiful World

By Viktor R.W. Wilde

Steam locomotive whisper between fractured gladiators, shimmering crumpets devoured in the sea.
Golden gates of shivering Earth embody brightness from surging gates, awaken corpses most fragile.
Walls that which crumble, scarecrow weep, hidden within the coughing sickness that devour youth, elders.
Redwood dance once, willow tree afraid of storms that struggle woodland life, oddity burn again.
Troll lick forbidden phantoms withered from tundra blaring, gather melody misery gaining quickly.
Hallow corpses demand delirious branches a reason for unrest, seeker in cabin red in uncertainty.
Into cave realm, lantern rage sing for corpses, wanderer alone I feel in the graveyard of sorrow.

Quest between bleak caress, these vines weep in a awful complexity surging in castle blood.
Oval eyes in the shadows whisper for every wounded lone abnormality, darkness delight me.
Motherly troll in violent seas, somber ritual beside elk cannot revive branches in death.
Children beheaded who once cried for food, these spirits in the streets lay trapped in terrors.
Oakwood cello brighten the beaten bones that tremble heart into garden vibration dim.

“Searching for life, violent birds seek disaster as this black smoke has given Earth confusion.
Whisper not, for I cry a red menace slithering from horrid gates, green tongue gift calamity.
Radiant canvas without ghastly departure doom troll mother illness, welcome good death.”

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