By Elias Ng'ang'a K

Excuse me,
Mr. waiter,
i have been siting on this chair for too long
waiting on my menu.
Pardon me, i couldn’t help but realise
You very well served Mr.Offat and Dickens
once they got here
after me.
Is there no goodwill,
in this honorable restaurant?

Old man trumpet!
you are excused.
i saw your poor self
sitting on that corner
And i served my well deserved guests.
They run this place
this isnt your neighborhood cafe!
and im not Mr.Waiter
once i get a promotion
on hygienics and dietaries.
On the subject of your menu,
Kindly figure it out around town.

Son, come down your high horse
you became so blind on where you came from
Good to see you.
I know am in an executive joint.
i feel it.
weather tastes so different and fresh.
and for sure, .im gonna figure out
from where my meal comes from.
but next time you talk
about people figuring it out,
one of those people
was your father.

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