My Closet

By Krazy5

There’s this closet in my house and it’s filled with all my stuff.

I keep cramming things in there, when I’ve had enough.

It’s filled with so much guilt, which is piled on top of pain.

There’s shame, loneliness and emotions I can’t even name.

There’s lack of understanding and a space that’s filled up with doubt.

And plenty more emotions, screaming to get out.

This closet holds resentments, that have long been forgotten.

It’s over flowing with memories, that have made my life so rotten.

My closets so full it’s about to burst so today is the day.

It’s finally time to clean it out and throw this stuff away.

So I began with the shame and threw that out first.

Cause out of all the other feelings ,by far it hurts the worst.

Second to go was the guilt which I followed with some tears.

I just couldn’t understand, why I have kept this stuff all these years.

I pulled out all the resentments, gathered up anger hiding on the shelf.

And did away with it all, along with some pity I was keeping for myself.

Once emptied out I noticed something that I hadn’t seen before.

It was a tightly wrapped up bundle in the middle of my closet floor.

I gently picked it up and unwrapped it like an old forgotten pal.

And to my surprise and shock, I unveiled a scared and frightened little gal.

Shh it’s okay, who are you I asked, she looked up at me and smiled.

“Please tell me you remember me, I am you inner child.”

My mouth dropped open in disbelief cause somewhere back in time.

This little girl who smiled up at me had been a true friend of mine.

Yes, yes I do remember you we used to play together.

I haven’t seen you for so long I thought you were gone forever.

I’ve been here all along her small voice said, her sadness did astound me.

I called out many times but you never heard, because of all this stuff around me.

I can’t understand why you keep it or what purpose it could possibly serve.

But all the pain and sadness it brings you, is much more than you deserve.

I’m so glad you cleared it all out and at last you finally found me.

From here on out keep me close to you, let love and happiness surround me.

Please keep me near and play with me and visit with me often.

“Because when you pile all that stuff on me, your closet becomes my coffin!”