My Equator...The Center Of The World

By Jackie D. Karp

You are the meaning of strength
at its highest peak.
You have courage
when the rest of us are weak.
You inspire me
to live for the now
and to never give up
because you don’t know how.
I’ve learned from you
why family comes first.
It’s because when you need them,
they’re there when you hurt.
No matter the pain,
it all hurts the same.
And family you can count on
to always remain.
When the road gets rocky,
you seem to take each bump
and walk over them smoothly,
hump after hump.
You have no idea
about the effect you’ve made,
and with the lessons I’ve learned
my life’s made a change.
Not just a change
but also a growth.
From an immature child
to a young woman with hope.

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