My Ex Girlfriend

By Waliyulahi Babajide Sadiq

Kindly bid me the reason why for a while
Why I haven’t been around for a while?
Without bidding me a thunderous farewell,
My Jo fades away along with my vile spell
Like a tickling of bell echoing the hoarse bray
The efflux of your presence in my lively way
Well-nigh gets me faded away in bare ray

At the bank of the nearby river, I’m well found
Dumbfounded, pondering and stamping out
My so-called array of dismay dragging out
Within my standoffishness and lonesomeness,
I’m still beckoning my lost treasure in coyness
Through a daydreaming, I echoe; Oh Vivian!
Why I’m abruptly brokenhearted only to depart?
Why can’t you remain mine till death do us apart?
Why can’t you permit me perpetually to impart
My love to you like a Jo canoodling her darling?
Why I’m unjustly left alone like a repudiated scion
Of the regal family asked to abdicate the throne?

Oh Vivian! Since I was left alone in rotten distress
I almost lost my affection in stress after stress
Just for the sake of the lovesickness I arouse
Haven’t you recalled the epoch of our love rouse?
Trekking barefooted to our rendezvous with smile
And stoning at the metallic roof of your domicile
You embody the traits of a pretty damn introvert,
Though threateningly agonise me with no alert
Alack! I solemnly stand to stoop to conquer;
But all my efforts so far proved abortive

Oh Vivian! Can you be clued in with my nimble mind?
That l weep no more; my sorrow-ridden plights grind
No lady comes to my way but a petite damsel binds
Whatever binds together divinely, isn’t prone to rescind
Staying away from each other reminds me to unmind
I languish without you on my way; I’m prone to unkind
In jiffy, your discomfort brings comfort that I aim to find
Whether or not we still meet, your deeds are sly on mind

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