Open Hearted

By Charles Swain

If you wish to be happy at home,
Then your heart to that wish is the door—
Keep it open—and angels may come,
And enter, and dwell evermore!
O’er each feeling a ray will be cast,
As if lit by some magical gem;
You will think you’ve found Heaven at last,
But the angels have brought it with them.
Keep it open—and friendship and love
And happiness—all—will be thine:
A gleam of Elysium above!
A spark of the spirit divine!
Keep it shut—and then Pride will have birth,
And Envy—and all we condemn;
You will think you’ve perdition on earth,
Pride and Envy have brought it with them.
The world will seem colder each day;
‘Tis an image those demons but throw,
Cast your pride and your envy away—
And the world’s seeming coldness will go.
Oh! ’tis well to be happy at home,
And to this your own heart is the door;
Keep it open and angels may come
And enter, and dwell evermore.

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