Passover Night (Maundy Thursday)

By Paul Sebastian

On His knees, He bowed,
Washed and dried His friends’ feet
He commanded they followed
As servants, His exemplary deed

Promised happiness if acted accordingly
You obey me because you love me
Keep my Word, be blessed abundantly
Making home in you, Father and I will be

That Passover night, He instituted the Eucharist
Gave Himself as spiritual food for life
That night, He promised gift of the Holy Spirit
Who’d teach all things for His kingdom come alive

That night Jesus was betrayed
By Judas for twenty-three silver pieces
Disciple, yet his own faith derailed
That night he kissed Jesus, as a sign of peace

That night, Roman soldiers arrested Jesus
That night they mocked and spat on Him
He was put on trial before Annas and Caiaphas
They wanted Him dead, He had blasphemed

That night soldiers crowned Him with thorns
Teasing Him as the King of the Jews
Jesus had to fulfill the reason why He was born
To drink the cup to pay man’s sin dues

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