Peer Pressure

By Yasmin V. Al-fureidi And Anna Nhicolle F. Estrada

Sometimes in life it’s hard to tell,

What we should or should not do.

Just because my friends do something,

Does that mean I should do it to?

I want so much to be accepted,

I want so bad to just fit in.

Should I join in and follow the crowd,

Although what they do might be a sin?

If I say no, will they laugh at me?

Or no longer be my friends?

Will they think that I’m a coward,

If I don’t go with the trend?

When they run the streets,

And generally act like a fool.

If they invite me to go,

And I say no.

Will they think that I’m uncool?

If someone hands a joint to me,

And says… “Everyone is doing it”,

Will I turn and leave like I know I should,

Or will I take a hit?

You don’t seem to realize what you do to me,

You’re forcing me in a situation I don’t want to be,

Then if everything goes wrong, will you take the blame?

Would you admit that it’s your fault why I am in this mess right now?

Sometimes I try to back out gracefully, with one foot,

Dragging a ball and chain.

I remain supple and pliant in the face of opposition–

That’s not the problem.

It’s my unspoken resolve to be free of all factors,

That gets me in trouble.

Everyone sees themselves casting the deciding vote,

My hope is that they abstain.

Friends should help one another, right?

But it doesn’t seem that way.

Can’t you just support me for what I want?

Because I have my life and I know what I want to do.

You can’t control me,

You can’t tell me what to do,

You can’t manipulate me,

I have my own life and I can decide on my own.

Then I come to think,

Isn’t this too much?

I feel like a glass full of water,

A glass that is waiting to be emptied.

Sometimes I feel like a balloon,

A balloon that is exposed to heat,

A balloon that is expanding and to eventually explode,

But have no choice.

I’m under a lot of pressure,

To let loose and go with the flow,

It’s often easier to go along,

Than to stand and just say no.

On the other hand ….

If I asked them to go to church with me,

Do you think that they would come?

Or would they roll their eyes at me,

And act like I was dumb?

If I should ask those friends of mine,

To kneel with me and pray,

Would they shake their heads and laugh at me,

Then go their separate ways?

You can’t control me,

You can’t tell me what to do,

You can’t manipulate me,

I have my own life and I can decide on my own.

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