By Mori Moots

In the streets he roamed, a tiny black kitten,
With three paws, but four legs, his spirit unwritten.
Found by kiddos concerned, their hearts touched by fate,
They scooped him up gently, his rescue innate.

With eyes full of wonder, a soul pure and bright,
This little feline brought hope, like a guiding light.
A new home he found, amidst love and grace,
A family embraced him, his heart found its place.

Phoenix, they named him, a symbol reborn,
A testament of strength, through darkness he’d worn.
His ebony fur shimmered, like a midnight’s delight,
His presence enchanting, a mystical sight.

His purrs filled the air, a soft lullaby,
As he curled up content, under starry sky.
His three paws didn’t hinder, his playful endeavors,
He leapt with such grace, as if wings he’d discovered.

From lap to lap, he’d prance, a bundle of joy,
Bringing laughter and warmth, no sadness could destroy.
In this newfound haven, his spirit thrived,
He taught them to cherish, to truly feel alive.

And so, little Phoenix, the tiny black kitten,
With his mismatched limbs, he’d continue to brighten.
His journey, a tale, of resilience and love,
A reminder to rise, like the sun above.

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