Pornographic Poem

By John Giorno

Seven Cuban
army officers
in exile
were at me
all night.
Hispanic types
with smooth dark
muscular bodies
and hair
like wet coal
on their heads
and between their legs.
I lost count
of the times
I was fucked
by them
in every conceivable
At one point
they stood
around me
in a circle
and I had
to crawl
from one crotch
to another
on each cock
until it was hard.
When I got all
seven up
I shivered
looking up
at those erect pricks
all different lengths
and widths
and knowing
that each one
was going up
my ass hole.
at least twice
and some three times.
Once they put me
on the bed
one fucked me
in the behind,
another face fucked
my mouth
while I jacked off
with each hand
and two others
their dicks
on my bare feet
their turns
to get
in my butt.
Just when I thought
they were all spent
two of them
got together
and fucked me
at once.
The positions
we were in
were crazy
but with two
big fat
Cuban cocks
up my ass
at one time
I was

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