Power Of Vote Poem

By Mohammad Muzzammil

On Election Day, our voices are heard,
Through the power of the voting word.
We have the chance to make a change,
To shape the world within our range.
So let us vote with purpose and pride,
And let our voices be heard far and wide.

Make it the first work of your day,
And set an example, show the way,
For a better tomorrow, we must strive,
So, let’s cast our vote, keep democracy alive.
We decide what’s best for our land,
With ballots in hand, we take our stand

To cast a vote is a powerful right,
A chance to make our voices heard in sight.
To shape our future and the path we take,
To ensure our democracy is not at stake.
Let us not waste this precious gift,
But use it wisely and with a mindful lift.

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