Prom Night

By Joseph T. Renaldi

I remember the petite girl I asked to the prom,
The girl with a big, funny bow in her hair.
And still, I can see the gentle smile on her face
When she responded with tenderness and care.

I can remember attending the high school prom,
The one I went to on a Spring night long gone.
I can recall the type of corsage I gave her
While standing on the edge of the plush, green lawn.

I can remember the colorful gown she wore
And the sparkling tiara she had in her hair,
And still, I can hear the clicking of cameras –
Seeing her bubbling with joy and pride standing there.

Behold the decorated car that took us to the prom,
And the socializing and fun we had too.
The memory of this night still fancifully lingers,
Recalling all of the proud couples passing in review.

I remember the crystal ball that above us was rotating,
And out on to the dance floor jaded images were made,
The very same dance floor in which I was dreaming,
Tonight, of the memories of the prom that will not fade.

The finale of prom night was dining at an elaborate club,
At least that is the way it should be done,
But the dining was brief – that mattered but little –
The dining itself was the least of the fun.

The activities of the prom can’t compare to kisses,
Nor is it kisses of chocolate candy I mean,
The kisses, I stole from the pretty, petite girl
Made going to the prom worthwhile – it would seem.

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