Reflections Of A Stroke Survivor Poem

By David Francis Carter

I look in the mirror,
And what I see
Is a stranger looking back at me
He does look like me
But something’s not right

He looks like he’s had a bit of a fright

He walks with a stick and he looks like hell

He doesn’t seem happy from what I can tell

One of his arms hangs limp by his side

A condition that’s meant

He often has cried

But at least he survived, should be thankful for that

‘Cause he ain’t got nine lives like the proverbial cat

Part of his brain has died so they say

So they did what they could then they sent him away

He used to play football and golf did this chap

But now he’s got a real handicap

So he’s hung up his boots

And his clubs gather dust

They’re no use to him now his body is bust

Each day is a struggle

It’s not much of a life
Good job he’s got a wonderful wife

And 2 beautiful sons so

All is not bad
He may be a burden but he’s still a Dad

And a husband as well ’til death do us part

Though life as it stands just breaks his heart

He constantly dreams of a time now long gone

When arms and legs worked and he could be fun

He’s been to a dark place inside of his head

Where his demons would tell him

You’re better off dead

The demons have gone now and all that remains

Is a broken down body that can no longer play games

I pray for the day when the guy that I see
Stands tall and strong and smiles back at me

So what will the future bring? I cannot tell

But with his family beside him

I’m sure it bodes well.

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