By Lettie Sterling

Chimneys standing in a row,
Down each one will Santa go.
He goes down one, comes back alive,
And then tries two, three, four, and five.

Santa has a wondrous pack,
This he carries on his back;
From it he takes candies, drums,
Dolls, books, trumpets, when he comes.

Near the chimney stockings swing,
What to them will Santa bring?
All of them I’m sure he’ll fill,
Make them round and stiff and still.

Morning kisses curly heads
Lying snugly in their beds,
O how quickly they hop out,
Seizing stockings with a shout!

On the hemlock and the pine,
Light the candles, make them shine;
String the rows of corn so white
‘Mong the gifts and tinsels bright.

Storemen’s windows all look gay,
‘Cause it’s near to Christmas day.
Come and look in, girls and boys,
Get a peep at Christmas joys.

In high towers out of sight
Great bells ring with all their might;
Hear one, then another chime,
Telling it is Christmas time.

In the distance, look afar,
With their eyes upon the star,
Come on camels wise men three,
They the Christmas King shall see

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