By Wardha Jawdat

Last night doctor, i vizualized
A world charred and atrophied
Skies so grey my vision choked
Faces so ashen all resolve broke

I saw a skeletal dog prey upon a child
And you know wht doctor,
I believe the pathetic boy did smile,
Look upon the assailant beast with such sympathetic insight
As though he thought it had every right
To feed on the weaker creature
As ordained in the scripture of nature

Last night dear doctor, i believe
I saw what the prophets may have seen
Whenst they spoke of crossroads,
Judgement day and the Unveiling.
I saw all punishment, no reprieve
And you know what doctor, in my sleep
I did cry and i did grieve
For all my sins great and small
For all the times i did fall
A prey to my weaknesses
No sin too small.
Doctor, dear doctor, i do believe
This pill is my only reprieve
I wish i could live and right some wrongs
But i fear i may err more if i live on
So for the greater good i must
To myself be unjust.
I shall dear doctor, though, wait for you
In the DARKER depths of that great big well
The jewellery case of sinners….our private Hell.

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