Sea Serpent Song

By Raiven Everett

The crashing of the waves
the ultimate test of time
the soaking stance we stand by the shores
is up to us
will we listen to the oasis of the wind and sea
the earth and its sun stricken surface
stare up at the sky
and think how amazing it truly is as over 7 billion
people alone stare at the same sky
as the song of nature
lifts them up and drifts them all to bed
the serpent of the sea approaches as the tides
becoming a demon of many people fears
as it washes man made structures into the sea
to join Alantis once more
the Serpent of the sea is nothing of misery
but a man made monster as it protects
all the freedom we all choose as mankind to maintain
its by our side
as we choose it before our own greed
and the tides will always play the serpents song
embracing the earth with its salty grasp
to reach out
so please choose
do you rebuke it
treasure your time to it

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