She's your Nurse Midwife

By Riddhi Pandya

Brings in the world a new life

Cheers herself seeing the smiles

Dressed in white, she’s angle in life

She’s your nurse midwife.

Closes the eyes of people

Consoles the one in misery

Dressed in white, she’s godsend in life

She’s your nurse midwife.

She’s patient with patients who are impatient

Strong enough to handle everything

Soft enough to understand everyone

Silent enough to listen all

Serve enough to save lives

Dressed in white, she’s boon in life

She’s your nurse midwife.

Be it the work

inside four walls, Or out on a vast land

From children to elders

From layman to warriors

From destitute to affluent

For family, neighbors, society and nation

She devotes her life for betterment of humanity

Selflessly she works to promote the health & prevent the diseases

Assists in treatment and rehabilitation

Intelligent by brain, & kind by heart

Confident in her actions, & adhered to morals

Honestly she sows a seed of hope in patients

punctual as the sun and disciplined as sun-flower

Alert in emergency and disasters

Tirelessly works over duty hours

Without expectation has a huge acceptance

Dressed in white, she’s divine in life

She’s your nurse midwife .

Instructor, educator, researcher, practitioner, leader, advocate, collaborator, motivator

What not can she be

Dressed in white , she’s fortune in life

To make heaven on earth

She’s your nurse midwife.

Dressed in white she brings colors in others lives

She’s your nurse midwife.

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