Some Questions About The Storm

By Hilda Raz

What’s the bird ratio overhead?
Zero: zero. Maybe it’s El Niño?

The storm, was it bad?
Here the worst ever. Every tree hurt.

Do you love trees?
Only the gingko, the fir, the birch.

Yours? Do you name your trees?
Who owns the trees? Who’s talking

You presume a dialogue. Me and You.
Yes. Your fingers tap. I’m listening.

Will you answer? Why mention trees?
When the weather turned rain into ice, the leaves failed.

So what? Every year leaves fail. The cycle. Birth to death.
In the night the sound of cannon, and death everywhere.

What did you see?
Next morning, roots against the glass.

Who’s talking now and in familiar language? Get real.
What’s real is the broken crown. The trunk shattered.

Was that storm worse than others?
Yes and no. The wind’s torque twisted open the tree’s tibia.

Fool. You’re talking about vegetables. Do you love the patio
tomato? The Christmas cactus?
Yes. And the magnolia on the roof, the felled crabapple, the topless

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