Sons Of Veterans

By John P. Keys

Sons of Veterans! our fathers shed
Their blood to rear the Union’s fame;
For this our fearless banner spread
On many a gory plain.
Sons of Veterans! let no one dare
On mountain, valley, prairie, flood,
By hurling down that temple there,
To desecrate that blood.
Sons of Veterans, the right shall live, while faction dies?
All traitors draw a fleeting breath,
But patriots drank from God’s own eyes
Truth’s light, that conquers death.
Sons of Veterans, take the colors,
Never lower the silken bars;
Ever be a band of brothers,
Rallying round the Stripes and Stars.
Sons of Veterans, our fathers are growing
Fewer, fewer, year by year;
Thick the graves with colors flowing,
Yellow is the leaf and sear.
Sons of Veterans, swear to keep the banner flying
Tho’ foreign foe or traitor’s band
Should strew the fields with dead and dying,
And other flags pollute the land.
Sons of Veterans, we are given
That which all our hearts revere,
Though it should be rent and riven,
It will conquer, never fear.

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