Special Boy

By Anonymous

I know a special little boy,
Logan is his name.
He was born with all his body parts,
But some were not the same.

There was something about chromosomes,
Whatever they may be!
Instead of having forty-six,
He has an extra one, you see.

You’d think that such a tiny thread
Could never cause much trouble,
But it can and may upset many things–
Some problems are even doubled.

When he was very, very small,
He had defects in his heart.
Now they are “healed perfectly,”
So now more problems with that part.

He learned to walk at fifteen months.
Right on time for a child with D.S.
But, he didn’t master crawling first.
To the questioning concern of others-yes.

His mother is a very talented girl,
My niece once removed, Logan removed by two.
I have learned to love little Logan,
If you knew him, you would, too.

Logan had made wonderful strides.
Doctors and nurses have helped him so.
But even with loving parents and siblings,
Progress may be slow.

So today I tell his story to you,
My retired teacher friends.
The more who know and pray for him,
The better he will grow and mend.

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