Sugar Rush Rush

By Johnny Georgy Brown

Sugar rush rush rush oh yeah rush
I have a sugar rush
I deserve a coke and a nice cream bun oh yeah let’s party on
You see sugar hangs around at parties
I wish it fucken wouldn’t
But it does you see it can pump up the young
And provide muscle which
Could later be celiate
I love to have a sugar rush
Like a nice finger bun with honey oh so tasty as
I need to have a sugar rush
Like a nice vanilla milkshake
And a mud cake yeah it tastes so great
What about bubble gum or
Chewing gum the best items for your sugar rush
You see ***** cranberry has
Sugar as well as alcohol
So you get your sugar rush and alcohol fix
How cools that
The reason why kids are hypo active because they have a sugar rush that happens every day
Sugar rush rush rush oh yeah
Come in to the witch’s gingerbread house to taste more sugar to fatten you up
But you must say to the witch
You can’t get me dude
Sugar rush sugar rush
Rush rush rush
Enjoy sugar every day dudes

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