Sunday Driving

By E.J. Kuhl

Sleepwalkers held up by appetite
and autonomic drive
Teeter-tottering weebles wobbling
in rambling, straggling lines
Shedding putrid flaps of leather,
slick with thick sewer slime
Patchwork ragdolls and withered wights
knitted with scab crusted knives

Wandering herds combine and move
like mindless schools of fish
Bulging eyes and gutless sighs
fall out like dribbles of hot piss
Above, shrouds of frenzied static
and foul feculence drift
Obscuring delinquent buzzards
drawn to pick at sticks and twigs

Slobbering bodies lurch in jerks,
doddering and stumbling
Muted screaming mouths lurk
over flattened roadkill puddling
Crushed and ruptured slush mounds purge
purulent stomach rumbling
Shuffling stiffened corpses surge;
human ruin, granules crumbling

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