Talking To Someone Poem

By Moth Harris

If you could sing a song about your misery
Would it say anything about missing me?
Would you pour your heart out
The one you’ve hid away for so long?
It’s wrong that I’ve been here waiting
I don’t ask you for anything.

If this was your time to live and my time to die
Would you have stayed by my side?
I swear I’m dying now without you.
I swear I’m dying now alone.
Because no one hears my prayers.
I’ve never asked you for anything.

I’ve never been the one to ask for a big favor
but please understand that I need you now,
I need some savior. Show me if you’ve really been here
or if you were just a lie made to believe.
I’ve never asked you for anything,
Please take this pain from my heart…

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