The Airport

By Marlon Pitter

I’m at the Norman Manley International Airport.
It’s around midday and we have a delay.
The other members of the team just left for the security post.
We must obtain a visitor pass to enter certain areas.
My car is parked in front of the Jamaica Post.
There’s a no parking sign near me.
And we don’t have official permission to park here.
A red and white wrecker just drove by,
But fortunately my vehicle wasn’t towed.
From where I’m sitting I can’t see any aircrafts.
I see a number of persons eating and conversing.

It’s such a hot day and I’m thirsty.
I’m going to get refreshment at the Dukunoo Den Cafe.
The menu looks appetising and they have affordable prices.
Anyway, I’m not here to buy lunch.
I’ll just have a bottle of soda, preferably a cola.
The service here is very slow, though.
Security cameras are all over the place.
There’s a line for ordering and another line for collecting.
An employee just came and took out the rubbish.

I’m writing this poem about my visit to the airport
While I’m having this sweet drink with a straw.
I’m now looking in the direction of the Digicel’s cell tower.
The passengers who have just arrived are awaiting transportation.
They have piles of luggage at their feet.
Some are waving papers with their names written on them.
There’s a humorous graffiti that reads: “Going Nuts.”
My drink is finished and I feel like having another one.

The guys just came back and they’re ready to start working.
We’re now heading over to the hangar.
I’ll be staying in the car park near the back of the waiting area.
It’s partially empty at this hour.
I’m standing beside a low wall right across from cargo bay.
I see helicopters and planes being serviced.
An Air Canada plane just took off!
It’s getting smaller and smaller in the distance,
And it swiftly turns and flies west.

It’s fun to see the elderly boss riding an old bicycle.
They’ve completed the job and it’s time to go.
The scales are restored to good working order.
We’re now leaving the airport and heading back to Harbour View.
The sea is on both sides of the strip of land.
I’m looking at the rocks and equipments along the way
While we’re passing a section of the Palisadoes Road.

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